The Endangered Languages and Cultures of Siberia


About the project

The present documentation is a multimedia collection of linguistic and cultural information, which consists of a corpus of original texts in several minority languages in audio and (partly) video format with transcriptions, translations and analyses, as well as general information about the language, references, dictionaries, and images, all linked to present a flexible and interactive exploration space for a variety of users and to document a wide range of phenomena. The aim is to provide people from various backgrounds (linguists, anthropologists, speakers, language planners and the general public) with a database that can serve a variety of purposes.

The project is a collaborative effort of Irina Nikolaeva (general idea) and Edward Garrett (software and website development). We thank the linguists who generously shared their materials with us: Dejan Matić (Even and Tundra Yukaghir), Andrey Shluinskiy and Olesya Khanina (Forest Enets), and Maria Tolskaya (Udihe). Various stages of this work have been funded by a British Academy Small Research Grant (project number 9480 BX51), a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship (project number RF-2012-131), SOAS Faculty of Languages and Cultures seed corn grant, and a grant from the Academy of Finland (awarded to Larisa Laisiö, project number 125225).

Contact details: Irina Nikolaeva (e-mail:, Edward Garrett (e-mail:


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